Monday, July 12, 2010

Very rough draft of last page.

Very rough draft of last page.

“I heard you were in Vraila”

“I was, I...”he paused

“I was trying to find a gift”

“For me?” she said and looked down shyly

“Close your eyes” he said as he moved closer

“Do I have to?”

“Only if you trust me” he whisper with a sly smile as he reached a hand into his coat pocket

Rael smiled lightly and closed her eyes, she felt him move beside her, and felt his hands move up toward her neck and stop.

She felt something drape a crossed her back and down her legs,

It couldn’t be, she thought.

“You can open them now” he said slowly

She opened her eyes to see a dark green ribbon tide around her shoulders; she spun around quickly to let the long green cloak twirl around. It was very beautiful, almost identical to nessa’s

“It’s not the same as the old one” he said in a strange tone that didn’t fit him,

He was nervous, Aden Frostwood was actually nervous, she couldn’t help but to smile

“It’s perfect” she said

The fresh wind flowing through her hair felt comforting, as she stared into his eyes, He moved closer and although she knew what was about to happen, it still made her nervous when his hand embraced her arm and made its way up to her cheek. A shiver went down her body at the light touch of his fingers on her skin, but she did not break away from his gaze.

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