Monday, July 12, 2010

Aden memory continued

It was hard for her eyes to focus as the room faded slowly and new imagines were bleeding through, it was as if everything was being covered by a deep black fog and she could not tell what was real.

As the fog slowly faded away a another room materialized around her, a lot darker than the room before, and this time the walls were bare of any markings just rough old stone walls that she did not recognize.

Aden appeared in front of her, she was in the center of the room and Aden was in chains that came down from the ceiling, the chains looked similar to the ones in the sealcai chairs, he was shirtless, with dirt and blood smeared all over his skin, his body looked exhausted as it just hang their lifelessly, “how many times do I have to tell you, I don’t have it” at first Rael thought he was speaking to her, but a voice came from behind, “I told you not to lie to me boy”,

Startled, Rael jumped around and saw two people, one she barely recognized was Enelle, Meleneils second in command. Enelles hair was much longer and she didn’t bare he devotion tattoo yet. Which meant this memory was before she was made Meleniels personal guard. “I’m afraid we will have to do this the hard way” she said but with a look of satisfaction on her face.

She turned toward the dark haired man standing next to her, Rael was taken aback by the deep red markings the man had on his face, and he had short dark hair with matching eyes. She had never seen him before, but she got a strong feeling of fear just by his appearance.

The man stepped forward toward Aden and began to circle him. “Do you know who I am boy?” the man said in a slow tone

“No, But I’m sure your just dying introduce yourself” he said in his unusual sarcastic tone. Not even bothering to lift his head up to face the man.

The man stopped in front of him and pulled up the sleeves of his robe, more dark red tattoos covered his arm, “I have a gift for you” he said as he pressed his hand against Adens shoulder. One of the small red markings started moving as if it was coming to life on his arm. it slithered up the man’s arm and right off his hand and onto Aden’s bare shoulder. it was a outline of a decorative tribal symbol, it didn’t look like the markings of Esyth to her. Nothing happened at first but almost an instance later Aden was screaming out in pain, the red tattoo looked to me burning the surface of his skin; it was hard for her to watch.

She wanted to do something to stop it, but she knew they couldn’t see her, and knew this was probably in the past.

As Aden’s screams died down, the man started laughing as if Adens agony amused him. “Now do you what I am?” he said

It was hard for Aden to reply but he managed to say “I can think of a lot of things to call you right now” he choked

She saw the anger in the other man’s face deepen instantly,

What a stubborn idiot Rael thought as she shook her head. The man’s look of hated turn to another evil smile as he pulled up his other sleeve this time he didn’t hesitate, another blood red tattoo came to life and made its way onto Aden’s arm. It was a snake this time, it slithered its way up Adens arm, It didn’t stop there but made its way a crossed Adens shoulder down his chest to wrap around his torso where it stopped.

An instance later Rael couldn’t decide what was worse, Adens screams or the look of slowly burning flesh, it was terrible.

She couldn’t help it she screamed aloud for them to stop hurting him but it was useless, she fell to the floor sick to her stomach, with tears on the edge of her eyes.

Very rough draft of last page.

Very rough draft of last page.

“I heard you were in Vraila”

“I was, I...”he paused

“I was trying to find a gift”

“For me?” she said and looked down shyly

“Close your eyes” he said as he moved closer

“Do I have to?”

“Only if you trust me” he whisper with a sly smile as he reached a hand into his coat pocket

Rael smiled lightly and closed her eyes, she felt him move beside her, and felt his hands move up toward her neck and stop.

She felt something drape a crossed her back and down her legs,

It couldn’t be, she thought.

“You can open them now” he said slowly

She opened her eyes to see a dark green ribbon tide around her shoulders; she spun around quickly to let the long green cloak twirl around. It was very beautiful, almost identical to nessa’s

“It’s not the same as the old one” he said in a strange tone that didn’t fit him,

He was nervous, Aden Frostwood was actually nervous, she couldn’t help but to smile

“It’s perfect” she said

The fresh wind flowing through her hair felt comforting, as she stared into his eyes, He moved closer and although she knew what was about to happen, it still made her nervous when his hand embraced her arm and made its way up to her cheek. A shiver went down her body at the light touch of his fingers on her skin, but she did not break away from his gaze.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rael and Aden scene 1

Random Rael and Aden scene

Rael could feel his mind wrap around her thoughts; anger flooding through her veins. She wouldn’t-no! She couldn’t let him in. she knew this information had to be sealed away, but no matter how hard she fought his power, it was useless. He was like a title wave crashing against her mind. He would know everything. In that moment she couldn’t believe that she had ever stood up for him. She couldn’t believe that she ever thought that there was one ounce of humanity in him at all. Jerevon was right all along. Aden was a monster.

The shields Rael put around her mind were shattering like glass. She couldn’t feel his hands around her head anymore. She was in a complete mental state. She knew he would have everything he wanted from her mind whether she wanted him to or not, so she mentally blasted her thoughts at him. Opening up completely, she threw all the power she had into his open mind, hoping it would cause him pain. Rael could feel Adens anger in my mind when she did so. It was working, or so she thought. She kept lashing out at him with her mind until finally, everything went black…

Rael awoke to what sounded like a hundred voices screaming into her ear. A cascade of images filled her mind at a rapid pace that almost made her nauseous, they were going faster and faster, she couldn’t even tell that they were images anymore, just a blend of colors; she tried to focus her mind to block them out.

Suddenly the images disappeared. Rael sat up, moving at a slow pace. She was very dizzy at first, but quickly recovered. She was no longer on the balcony with Aden. She was in a rectangular room, which she assumed she was still a part of the castle because the walls were lined with Esyth markings. There was a small table in the center of the room. On the table, there was a well-lit lamp and several scrolls, all of which were completely exposed. There were book cases covering almost every inch of the small room.

Rael noticed that the books on each side of the room were very different. The binding of the books on the left side of the room were written in the silver-black style of the Esyth markings. On the right side of the room, the bindings were written gold-white style of the Nero. Both sides had their own distinct glow, but collectively, they were emitting far more light than the lamp on the table.

As Rael started to walk toward the table, she realized that she wasn’t alone. In the corner, there was someone she hadn't noticed before; she had no idea who the dark figure was, much less why he or she was in the room. As she looked closer, she noticed the figure trying to pick the lock of a small safe.

She wanted to hide, but there was nowhere in the room to conceal herself. She thought of quickly hiding under the table, but as soon as the thought came to her, the stranger turned around and was now facing her. It was Aden. Somehow, he was very different.

“Aden?” she asked.

”How did we get in here?”

He didn’t seem to be listening to her, nor did he seem to care that she was in the room with him. He just kept staring at the table.

“Hello?" she asked, with an obvious tone of frustration.

“Where the hell are we?"

Still, he remained quiet.

“Fine, guess you won’t mind if I leave then.” she said, turning toward the door that was beside her.

As soon as she placed her hands on the doorknob, someone knocked. She turned to face Aden, wondering what to do. As soon she turned around, Aden phased right through her body, as if she wasn't there at all.

She instantly spun around in shock to face him wondering what just happened.

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